Oro de Bailén 'Reserva Familiar' Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6x500ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Chosen as best in the world oil. Using standard quality procedures, consolidates and defined by the company's technical management, Reserva Familiar is obtained from olives harvested at the begining of november, at their opt point of ripeness, wich give the fruit a real oil juice, making it stand out above other oils due to the intensity of its fruity-flavour and the complexity of its aromas, herbaceous and fruity; Its exceptional balance between bitter and spicy standing out in the mouth. The frit is continuosly harvested and transported from the groves to the oil mill throughout the day, taking a short period of time. This short time for handling the frit gives the oil its freshness. Cold extraction below 22°C to preserve intact all the properties of the product. For gourmets.
Manufacturer: Oro de Bailén
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Saturday, 23 October 2021
Review: 555
Monday, 30 November -0001
Review: 555
Thursday, 25 February 2016
Review: Rober - Ciudad Real, cogi este pack poruqe quería probar los dos sabores, el picual es muy verde y al abrir el tapón la cocina se lleno de un aroma increible, el sabor es impresionante la verdad, gracias
Tuesday, 23 February 2016
Review: Cesar- Nava, Excepcional. Si tienen oportunidad procuren comprar directamente aquí. Al abrir la botella se aprecia el olor intenso, con aromas que recuerdan a fruta madura y a tomate y hierba. El sabor es único. nosotros cogimos 3 botellas de arbequina todavía por probar
Wednesday, 17 February 2016
Review: Boni - Valdemoro, por ahora solo he probado el picual y es verde denso intenso, impresionante gracias
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Production: Olives juice obtained from the first cold pressed. Exclusive to enjoy in toast and salads.
Variety and Origin: Picual - Jaén
Tasting notes: Bright, shiny green colour, it is an oil with an intense fruity flavour of fresh olive and a great complexity of herbaceus and fruity aromas, with green banana, almond and green tomato standing out. It is voluminous and well-structured in the mouth, with great expressiveness, sweet and slightly spicy. It is a well-balanced oil that is elegant both in the nose and in the mouth. Almond aftertaste.
First Prize C.O.I 2013
Gold Medal intense fruity China 2013
Gourmet Gold Medal France 2013
TOP 10 best oils in the world Germany
Gourmet Gold Medal green fruity means France 2013
Israel Prestige Gold Medal 2013
Diploma in intense fruit Italy 2013
Award Great Taste Award United Kingdom 2013
Jaén Selección 2013. Chosen best extra virgin olive oil from Jaén 2013
Top 50 Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Germany 2013
Other information: Acidity: 0.12 ° / peroxide: 4.5
Health Benefits: Reduces the level of bad cholesterol while maintaining good levels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, regulates bowel movement and prevents aging of the tissues by its antioxidant action thanks to the high percentage of oleic acid.

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