El Trujal Sierra Mágina D.O.P Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 24x250ml

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sierra Magina Denomination of Origin. Without using any chemical treatments we produce a healthy olive from which a natural juice is obtained;the clasification of the olive as well as the preparation of the oil through the cold extraction, allow a high quality oil to be obtained, with great stability, very fruity, keeping all the flavour and aroma of the olive, very low acidity and peroxides, these being attributes that are highly beneficial to health.
Manufacturer: Verde Salud
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Saturday, 23 October 2021
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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Olive Oil Production: Organic olive juice obtained from the first cold pressed, from organic olive cultivation, very low in acidity and peroxides. We recommend its use for both sauteed and fried and is also excellent to enjoy toasts and salads.
Variety and Origin: Picual - DO Sierra Magina. Andalusia Quality Certification and Protected Denomination of Origin. Certified Organic by the ASAC (Andalusian Committee for Organic Farming)
Tasting NotesGreen olive, with the typical appearance of turbid unfiltered oils. Is very fruity, with hints of fresh cut grass and fig lesser intensity, it is persistent and harmonious. Presents great character and personality, its bitterness is medium and also itching. The aftertaste feeling tastes of fresh lettuce leaves and chlorophyll with vague memories of bitterness.
Other information: Acidity 0.12º / index peroxides 4,5
Silver Ecotrama 2014
1st Prize Designation of Origin, Prize 'OWL' for 6 consecutive years, 
2º prize award 'ALCUZA'
Health Benefits: Olive Organic growing together with its low acidity and peroxides make extra virgin attributes and qualities have very positive preventive health protection as heartburn, ulcers and gastritis, regulates bowel movements, reduces cholesterol, protects against skin diseases, cardiovascular and positively cooperates with the bone formation.